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Beer Time

Unexpected Friends

It's spring break, so I'm off for a week. Tonight, in celebration of not having to work, I went to a pub with a couple of friends. As the friend who was driving me parked at his place so I could go back to my car, the song I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons came on his playlist, so we sat in the car listening and singing. At the instrumental before the bridge, we both spontaneously and simultaneously broke it down: I took the pantomime banjo and, like the true southerner he is, my friend took on the spoon clap.

It was epic.

It was one small incident in a series of small incidents that make me so glad and relieved and grateful that I took a risk and moved twelve hours away from home for this damn teaching job. When I said, "Fuck it; Let's do this" and moved from Michigan to North Carolina, I knew pretty much no one and assumed it would be a struggle to find anyone to be friends with, mostly because of my social awkwardness. I never, ever (seriously . . . never, ever) would have guessed that I'd find what I've found.

I've managed to cultivate a small group of friends. Small, but intimate. On the real. And we hang out all the time and we're all so incredibly different but all we do is laugh. These friendships are adult and are so genuine in a way that friendships forged in childhood simply can't be. I mean, I love my friends, but there's something adolescent about a friendship formed in adolescence, you know? You knew each other as kids so you don't quite grow out of that dynamic completely. But to meet adults as adults and find genuine joy in the interactions . . . I think it's awesome.

I know that I can tell them anything and it's safe. And I know that if I need it they'll bring me soup when I'm sick (tried and tested), let me know when I'm being stupid (tried and tested), make me laugh when I'm depressed (tried and tested), and encourage my general debauchery (tried and tested).

I really do love them and I'm so grateful that I have them. I'm so appreciative that I moved here. I mean, real life job, forever kind of friends . . . Hell, a pretty cool girlfriend I wouldn't have otherwise . . . Damn, ya'll. It's not so bad down here in the South.

Particularly when a song provides the opportunity for an air-banjo.

We're planning on going hiking and paddle boarding this week. I'm going to start doing my ab exercises now so my stomach won't ache with all the laughing I'm sure to do. It's pretty awesome to have stuff to look forward to and people to look forward to doing them with.


This is great. I'm so happy for you!
Aw, that's great. Where/how did you meet them?
At school, of course. At this point, of the people I hang out with, only two don't work at my place of employment.

But picture this group of raucous teachers: queer white girl in her 20s, super loud and blunt southern lady in her 30s, a gay black man in his 30s, and a grizzled and kind of grouchy white guy in his 20s. I tell you, we should have our own sitcom. I'd so watch it.
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