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Mar. 23rd, 2013

Beer Time

My OTP Kills Me

I think I'll have to review this episode later, but the more I watch this one scene, the more I appreciate what it meant for this couple (and, in a way, same-sex couples on network TV).

And ABC may have cut before we got to see anything overtly sexual on a physical level (they must be under new management because Callie and Arizona were more physical back in season six, so it can't be the show or the actresses), how many times have you seen a woman with only one leg, wearing sexy lingerie, propositioning her wife on television? Goes to show that this program, almost ten years old, can still do new things.

Feb. 10th, 2013

callie and arizona kiss

So Here It Goes

My first friends only post. Wow. I'm moving up in the world.

Okay, so here's the deal. There's this girl. This girl that I've been dating since November or so. She's not local, so we see each other on weekends. Every other, sometimes more. She stays at my apartment. We've been to Asheville for a long weekend. There's sex (in which I actually broke part of my bathtub). She's sweet and really nice and nerdy and kind of a care taker. She does shit like clean my toilet even when I tell her not to because it's weird. And she tries to get me a gift certificate to my local coffee shop. And she sends me a package in the mail with toffee because she knows I like it and a large jar that she fills with gummy worms and puts a "I'm Hooked On You" label on it with a picture of a cartoon fish and hook. I mean, I don't get the niceness because I'm not used to it, but that's another entry for another time. The point is, I like her and we're going to Savannah this coming weekend.

Now, I'm sort of out. Like, my friends here know I like girls. Some of them have met this girl. It's not a big deal except maybe it is because I've never even said "I'm gay" out loud. Partly because I'm not actually sure that I am so it seems false to claim it and, since I don't know what I am, I have chosen not to label it. But that's probably also another blog entry for another point.

But I've never spoken about any of this to my mom. I've never felt comfortable talking about my person life to any one but to my mom in particular. I don't know why. I mean, I probably know why, but that's yet another blog entry for another time, but regardless, I just never had. So I've never even alluded to the fact that I like girls or to the fact that I, for all intents and purposes at the moment, have one. I mean, when I started going out with my high school boyfriend, I didn't tell her until I was about half way into the relationship. I didn't even tell her I had a date to prom until a month had passed. It's bizarre. I get that.

But now I'm going to Savannah and I didn't tell her about Asheville because it's only a couple hours away, but now I'm crossing state lines and plan on telling her that I'm going. But in telling her that I'm going, I kind of feel like, "I'm going with my friend" is a big giant lie and I don't really want to deal with big giant lies.

I mean, the woman has to know. She'd be blind and deaf not to. I mean, my loves of Natalie Wood, Jennifer Capriati (actually not sexual in the slightest but still part of a very female-oriented trend), Dana Scully and Gillian Anderson, Pam Beasley and Jenna Fischer, Laura Roslin, Xena, the entire women's national soccer team, and Callie and Arizona. I mean . . . I couldn't be more not straight if I tried, at this point. And I was never subtle or shy about it. I mean, we both watch Grey's Anatomy and she raved about Derek and Meredith and I rave about Callie and Arizona and it must be so obvious that she doesn't even think of it.

But to put it into words is still scary, even when dealing with ultra liberal Hillary Clinton-esque moms. Because there's still that part that's like . . . Rejection. And I have more faith in her than that . . . I do. But it's still scary to open up about something that I don't open up about. Because I'm a vault. On accident, but I'm a vault. And I figured I wouldn't say anything until there was something worthy of reporting. But it's like . . . I'm 27. That's kind of old to be so damn vault-y. And I think it'll be really freeing to just, you know. Say it, whatever "it" is.

So I think I'm going for it tomorrow. And I kind of think her reaction will be, "Uh. Yeah. Duh?" and I'll be all blushy because it's my personal life and did I mention I broke my tub? But there's something about this particular moment in my life that is spurring me on.

So please, out there in LJ land, where you are my friends but still mostly safely anonymous, send out your vibes. It's about to get real on a Monday, ya'll.

Oct. 28th, 2012

pretend to think

Grey's Anatomy: I Saw Her Standing There

I seriously need to get an Arizona icon.

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled blogging. Though I've not yet finished my Xena reviews, due to general laziness and busy-ness, I figured that didn't preclude me from doing season nine reviews for Grey's Anatomy. Especially since this season (or at least the first part) is supposed to be so Arizona centric.

As you all should know by now, I fucking love me some Arizona.

So, as it is, my reviews will mostly cater to the Arizona storyline. Callie and Arizona's relationship with Callie will also be prominent features, particularly at this juncture in the season, because they're all jumbled together in a mess of a tale.

"I'm trying."Collapse )
I'm going to give Arizona's storyline in this episode 4.5 airlocks, if only because she goes through an incredibly progression and because Jessica Capshaw is both an amazing actress and heartbreakingly adorable.

Oct. 18th, 2012

Maybe You Suck

Grey's Anatomy: Arizona's Season 9 Story

I'm breaking my Livejournal fast (an accidental one but none of you noticed so . . . whatever) because I have a lot of fandom feelings about tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy and Tumblr just isn't the place and I don't feel legit enough to post in the Callie/Arizona community here on LJ. So I'll post here in my own journal.

Okay, so Arizona's lost her leg. And she's obviously very traumatized. Not only has she lost a limb but she's lost a lot (if not all) of her faith. In a way, I think that what might have her the lowest is that she equates losing her leg with Callie giving up on her. In the second episode of the season, irrational and kind of crazed, she actually says to Callie, "Don't give up on me" before she says "Promise me you won't let them take my leg". Arizona sees the amputation as Callie giving up on her and that's why I think she's so mad. I mean, she'd be mad anyway, but I don't think it was an accident that the order of her begging went the way it did.

Okay, so we got about 30 seconds of Arizona in the first episode. Which was expected. We knew she'd probably be the big reveal at the end of the episode. In the second episode we got a good chunk and it was pretty great because she was the last chunk, which indicated the importance of her story.

So here we are, going into episode three, and I'm fucking pumped, because it's been a two week hiatus and Arizona's positioning in the second episode set her up for this amazing arc and tonight the episode finally came on and I was like, "WTF? This is it?"

She had three scenes. One without dialog.

I'm okay with Arizona struggling. In fact,  want her to fucking struggle. I loved seeing her yell at Callie. I loved seeing her on the bathroom floor sitting in her own urine. Why? Because it'd beyond ridiculously compelling storyline. It's ripe with opportunity. And Jessica Capshaw is seriously underrated as an actor and she deserves a chance to shine.

But what I don't love is that it feels like, already, her storyline is being given less importance than everyone else's. And that pisses me off. It's not like Grey's hasn't gone out of the hospital before. They leave the hospital all the time, so I don't understand why we can't see more of Arizona going through this grieving process. We know she's cycled through home care nurses, but we don't get to see it? She's gotten to the point where she's out of bed and sort of a zombie but we didn't get to see that process? How is she handling Sofia?

Why don't we get to see any of her struggle?

She's a huge bitch right now, and she should have that right and opportunity to be so but it makes it harder for me, as a view (and, I might add, as a gigantic Arizona fan) to sympathize or empathize with her plight when I don't get to see any of it. Right now, actually, her storyline is morphing into Callie's storyline and as much as I love Callie, that's not cool with me. I do want to know that this is a struggle for Callie and I do want to know that it's a struggle for their relationship. But I do not want to know that stuff at the expense of understanding what this is like for Arizona.

And I get that we'll see more of her next week and we'll see her have her struggles in PT. But already this thing feels rushed. And since we aren't seeing Arizona on her own but only with Callie, I can't understand her thought process. Her motivations. They're lost on me. And Arizona deserves to have her point of view shared with the audience. And after three episode? Two of which she was barely in? She's already at the point where she's ready to go to PT? They haven't proven to me with what we've seen that she's anywhere near that kind of ready.

I want to watch this character's journey but I refuse to be happy with it if Arizona's storyline is taken over by another character, even if I love that other character to pieces. Next week's episode better fucking rebound because I was horribly let down by tonight's episode and I was so ready to be optimistic.

Aug. 23rd, 2012

miss roslin

The Sad, Early Truth

I'm awake far too early in the morning, but the sad (and ugly) truth is that I woke up more than an hour later than I'm going to have to wake up next week when school starts.

Getting up at 5:25 every weekday until June? Blerg.

For those of you who are keeping track, this year I will be teaching AP English III and Honors English III. AP is an A-Day, B-Day class and no one has explained to me how that works, but I know it means I have, essentially, five classes instead of three. But I thought that meant I'd have four AP classes instead of two, but some of the kids who stopped by open house yesterday and let me grab at their schedules, had me for SAT Prep.


I mean . . . It's a good class, I think. And it should probably really be for the kids who aren't in AP because they're the ones who need the most help for the SAT but . . . When was someone going to tell me that was a class I'd be responsible for? Because that means I have three preps.

We still have two days of school meetings so I think I'm going to have to track down Mrs. Daughtry and ask her about it. I kind of impressed her with my AP syllabus yesterday, so I think she likes me.

(Oh man. I'm watching the episode "How Insensitive" from Grey's Anatomy and this woman who is not Arizona is flirting with Callie. No me gusta. Still, have to keep up with my mom and her addiction and discovery of this show grows.)

Anyway, AP is super legit. We have to submit our syllabi to the College Board and we have to make our students (and their parents/guardians) sign a contract that effectively says, "Hey, I'm in the AP class and I'm staying in this AP class, even though it's going to be hard. And at the end of the year I'm going to take the AP test, even though it costs money, because I'm not going to 'waste' the time I spent in this class and not take advantage of the opportunity I have to go to college and save a few thousand dollars."

Since I only have one section of Honors, I'm kind of worried it's going to get lost in my brain. I have a PLC for it, though, so that should make it better.

Juniors in my district have to write a big research paper, on whatever topic they want, that they'll do a project for when they're seniors. (Some of you may remember my posting occasionally about this senior project and how much I loathed it). I didn't want English III because I didn't want the responsibility of teaching the kids to research and write but I'm going to have to suck it up. It's just that last year's papers were so bad. So, so bad. A good upside of having Honors and AP is that I'll have to read fewer horrible drafts and I know almost all the English II teachers they had last year and they should be pretty damn prepared.

I hope!

So here I am, up early (but not nearly as early as I'll need to be up next week), watching Grey's Anatomy and waiting to go into work for yet another PD session before going to yet another one in the afternoon. (At least the one this morning is at our school. This afternoon we have to travel to another site.)

Bye, Summer. I'll miss you!

Jul. 24th, 2012

xena and gabrielle and hearts

XWP: You Are There

Another day, another review. And I may, or may not, be watching RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix. And I may, or may not, be counting down the hours until tomorrow's USWNT Olympic opener against France.

It's time.

"Oh that's right, I'm the sidekick. You go ahead, Xena, I'll walk ten paces behind you and your horse!"Collapse )

I like this episode a lot. It's very funny and very clever. It was a fun story to restore Aphrodite and Ares to Olympus. I wish I had more to stay but I'm feeling rather lethargic and lame. Sorry. But I am going to give You Are There 4 out of 5 airlocks.

Jul. 20th, 2012

pretend to think

Weekly Championing 18 and A Question

This week (or "this installment", more like), I'm going to recommend a song by singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile. I've become recently obsessed. I mean, I've really enjoyed it over the past few weeks but in the last couple days I've been listening to it a hell of a lot. It's the song Hard Way Home off of her new album Bear Creek. It's wonderfully twangy and mountain-y and awesome. I love the last verse in particular.

So listen to it because it is awesome!

And as for my question:

Okay, so I went on a winery/vineyard tour with some friends today and before we were going off, one of the women wanted to stop and get something to eat before drinking a bunch of wine. Made total sense. Her favorite fast food place is Chick-Fil-A and I laid on the guilt about it sucking and she was like, "Fine. I won't go there. I'll go to Taco Bell." And she did. She and one of the other women got food.

But then one of them was like, "Why are we going to Taco Bell if Annie isn't eating?" There were two options: Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A.

So I was like, "Um, I know I laid on the guilt, but it's not like I am forcing anyone to eat anywhere. And I don't know why you'd want to eat at an establishment that would kick me out of it."

I mean, if this place was known for being anti-black or anti-Semitic, who would actually go there? They wouldn't have been caught dead going there! And it wouldn't have been unreasonable for a black person (one of the people in the car was black, by the way) or a Jewish person to say, "Hey, this place kind of hates me. Do ya'll mind if we don't go there, even if I'm not eating, just because I don't want to feel like you support me being treated like a second class citizen?"

So . . . Was I unreasonable? The first woman who wanted to stop in the first place didn't put up a fuss, but the second did and I'm not sure if she was doing it in a joking way so I really didn't want to lash out and say something like, "So, bigotry's fine when it's just the gays and a decent chicken sandwich that we're talking about?"

Jul. 6th, 2012

xena and gabrielle and donuts

XWP: The God You Know

Summer vacation! You know what that means! Xena! Seriously, though. I only have about seven episodes left (six if you don't count this one) before I'm finished! Wow! And even though I know I'm the only one who reads these (indeed, I think I'm just about the only one to read any of my entries, as it happens), I'm a completist. I hate to leave something unfinished. So you can bet I'm going to get these done!

So here we go!

"Michael! You tried to get Caligula to kill Eve so you could force my hand. Now, you go after my girlfriends. That's not gonna happen!"Collapse )

I love when I get to the end of the episode and I have a new revelation about who Xena is. That always makes for a fun surprise. She really is such a wonderfully complex character and it's wonderful that this late in the game, in a partial comedy episode in the middle of the sixth (and final) season, we can still find new facets of who she is. Awesome. The episode itself isn't bad, either. Nothing to really write home about (though, apparently, enough to write a review about). Alexis Arquette does a good job and the sexy outfits and dancing? They kind of rock, too. And bonus points for the last scene with Xena's statements about the person Caligula was. I think I'll give The God You Know 3.5 out of 5 airlocks.

Jun. 28th, 2012

pretend to think

Can We Take A Minute To Talk About Ann Curry?

I don't actually watch The Today Show. During the school year, I have to be at work by 6:45, so it's not exactly in my wheel house for morning TV programming. My mom's always been a loyal fan, however, so I've always imagined being a person who would tune in to the show if able.

The point kind of is: I never really got to see much of Ann Curry as the co-host of the show with Matt Lauer, so nothing in this post is technically based on my own evidence. I will say that I have always liked Ann. Back when I went to New York City for the first time, back when I was 11 or 12, we did go to a taping of The Today Show, and I made my poster about Ann. I mean, what can I say? We have the same first name and she spells it correctly!

I just need to put it out there that I think the way NBC has handled her firing is pretty damn deplorable. Like . . . Ridiculously deplorable. It's as though they went out of their way to humiliate Ann at every opportunity.

First of all, they were the ones who promoted Ann to the job of co-host in the first place. It's not like they didn't know her limitations. She'd been with the show for 14 years or so at that point. She was the substitute for Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira were out. She regularly conducted interviews. They knew exactly what they were getting when they hired her for the position. So, in the past year, The Today Show has seen a decrease in ratings. Okay, fair enough. Maybe it can be traced to Ann's positioning on the show. Of course, it could also be due to regular competition, not just from ABC and CBS, but from cable news network programs that actually show, you know, real news (I do get an opportunity over the summer to see the show from 8 onwards and I have never seen an actual real news segment).

I mean . . . I don't know. A ratings drop is a ratings drop but . . . To blame it on one person? A person you actually vetted before giving them the job?

And then to leak the news? And to have these negotiations on while she's still on the show? Showing up every morning to do her job? So incredibly classless.

What I really don't like is how no one at that damn show seems to have her back. Kathie Lee and Hoda talked about Ann leaving on their segment today, but they didn't even broach the fact that it wasn't Ann's decision to leave. And maybe they can't say that because of their contracts or something but . . . C'mon. The woman is your colleague. Have her back, at least a little! Don't pretend like what happened to her and NBC's treatment of her wasn't pure tripe.

I kind of wish Ann had left the network entirely after their treatment of her, but I hope she finds great success in her continuation with the network, as it does seem to be something much more in her niche as an award winning journalist. If I were her, I'd ultimately be happy I didn't have to make nice with Matt Lauer every day (who I normally like but he's on my "On Notice" list after I caught a segment with him last week where he didn't call out the absurdity of his "professional" panel talking about meritocracy and teaching, a profession none of the "professionals" could speak to with any kind of authority). I hope Ann will find comfort in the fact that, no longer having to be the Today Show co-host, she can get back to being an actual journalist who does real, impacting work.

Jun. 19th, 2012

pretend to think

Annie's 2012 Hot 10

It's about that time of the year, friends! It's been nearly a year since rachg82 inspired me to be very gay and produce a list of my Hot 25 Women. This year I'm a little less ambitious and am just going with a top 10. The top 10 was kind of hard to assemble. Once I got to about the top seven, I had a hard time narrowing down. I didn't want to leave anyone off the list but it couldn't be helped. And, really, this is pretty damn solid and, aside from the top four which is pretty solid, the rest of the list could be switched up and down depending on the day.

So let's take a few minutes to ogle some beautiful women, shall we?

Girl, you know you're beautiful!Collapse )

So there's my list! I wonder how it will change in the coming year?

I challenge anyone reading this to come up with your own because, frankly, what's more fun than taking a little indulgence and looking and at pictures of pretty women? At this point in the summer, I'm not sure I can think of anything that sounds better. Get to it, flist!

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